We combine world-class animation, medical imaging, and interactive technologies for medical marketing and education.
We are visual problem-solvers. Our team is fluent in cutting-edge display technologies like virtual reality, stereoscopic video, and 3D mobile apps. Find out how we can turn your most ambitious ideas into visual reality.
We are a software and design firm with strong technical roots. We craft interactive 3D content for your audience to explore on a variety of platforms.
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Neuron Safari: Visual Science in Virtual Reality

“Your brain is an exquisite network of 85 billion neurons connected through 100 trillion synapses. Tens of millions of electrical and chemical impulses flow through this network every second, resulting in your very ability to think and feel; to learn and love.” —Amy Robinson, Director @ Eyewire. Last year we launched a collaboration with the team at Eyewire—A game to map the brain. Eyewire is a neuroscience ...

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