Indicated uses Blackmagic Fusion for many of our projects, both technical and creative. We’ve been working with Fusion since version 2.5 and developing plugins for over 8 years.

We’re now introducing a collection of tools for Fusion Studio 7, 8, & 9 that can help you create amazing work in less time. Our goal is to provide broadly useful tools that can solve multiple problems and are not simply canned “effects”. We know that you bring the real creativity to a project, and our tools are designed to provide basic building blocks toward that goal.

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Custom Shader 3D allows you to quickly write your own OpenGL shaders directly in the Fusion UI. Learn more.

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Reflection Blur 3D blurs environment maps with a mappable per-pixel roughness. Bumpmap input, anisotropy, and custom blur falloff curves are provided. Learn more.

Lit Sphere 3D uses a single image of a sphere to define a shader. Learn more.

The Indicated Color Bundle 3D is a collection of 3D material tools for Fusion Studio 7, 8, & 9 (Windows only). Each tool extends the 3D system with useful and blazing-fast material shader operations. The bundle includes the five material color tools below: Brightness Contrast 3D, Color Grade 3D, Color Matrix 3D, Color Space 3D, and One Dimensional LUT 3D. Learn more.

Brightness Contrast 3D is a complete re-implementation of the standard Brightness Contrast tool, but for 3D materials. Learn more.

Color Grade 3D (beta) performs color grading on 3D materials. Learn more.

Color Matrix 3D applies user-defined color matrices to any 3D material. Learn more.

Color Space 3D changes 3D materials from RGB to a variety of colorspaces and back again. Learn more.

One Dimensional LUT 3D assigns a lookup based on a gradient, curve, or image to any 3D material. Learn more.

Bilateral blur provides GPU-accelerated edge preserving smoothing for images. Cross-bilateral and temporal smoothing options are also provided.

Stdlib Shader 3D is a plugin for building your own shader networks entirely in the Fusion flow. No typing necessary. Just connect basic operations together and debug directly in the Fusion viewers.

A shader bundle for 3D material compositing. Move more compositing to the 3D environment for automatic depth merges, fewer 2D tools, and dramatic performance boosts.

A shader bundle for Non-Photorealistic Rendering. Useful for motion graphics, illustration, and animation projects.

A shader bundle for Physically Based Rendering using energy conservation, data driven materials, and intuitive shading models.